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A 16 year old boy from florida who loves his girlfriend, music, movies, vinyl, books, and everything between.
"If you have good thoughts, they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely."

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what’s the dota community like? i m about to log on and see how many games i can fuck up by being trash



all you have to do is pick a character, buy a couple of starter items, and then есть the иногда рывок however. As Я по-прежнему play DOTA2 все более и более, Я уверен, что я буду продолжать совершенствовать. Я рекомендую эту игру для всех!

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the only photo set that actually matters on this stupid website

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How do you politely tell someone that you want them naked on top of you

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Listen carefully. Everyone make mistakes. But if you committed a sin, you have to make an atonement for that sin. Atonement, do you know what that means? Big Atonement for big sins. Small Atonement for small sins.

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Vampire Weekend & Steve Buscemi

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imagine having sex with a ghost and then someone walks into your room and they see your asshole widening and narrowing for no reason

imagine praying to God and going to church

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